• Food supply

    Horeca Pack

    All our food products are prepared with high quality.

  • Food supply for restaurants and kitchens

    Horeca Pack

    All our food products are prepared with high quality.

  • Providing hygiene products and detergents

    Horeca Pack

    All our health products are prepared with high quality.

  • Health products

    Horeca Pack

    Supplier of sanitary products inside the hotel room

    Horeca Pack; Supplier of food for hotels, restaurants, and cafes

    Horeca Pack, relying on its brilliant history in the field of food supply for hotels, restaurants and cafes, has been able to provide special services to these various industries. This company is determined to provide quality and reliable products to present to its target community and increase the export rate of Horeca channel in Iran.

    Hotel soap and shampoo

    A unique variety of hotel soaps and shampoos weighing 10 to 30 grams with various scents for export from Iran

    Hotel towel

    All kinds of hotel towels in different sizes and shapes

    Hotel toothpaste

    The most diverse hotel toothpastes in sizes from 10 to 30 grams with reasonable and economical prices for export

    Variety of products

    The assurance of purchase along with a high variety of products distinguishes Wheelchair from the rest of the colleagues.

    Quality products

    One of the reasons for the high quality of our products is the control of the production process, which is done under the supervision of experienced people.

    The price is right

    Buy with confidence at the best price in the market.

    Free delivery

    By purchasing from our store site, you can receive the product at home for free.

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    More than ten years of experience in supplying goods to the country









    Living healthy is our passion and we want to share it with you.

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